The Red Tailed Hawk

The Red-tailed Hawk is the most known hawk in America especially North America. They commonly fly above fields with their broad wings. They are well adapted to living in the air. They are very large and a female can weigh up to three pounds. You’ll see them on electric poles observing a mole or a squirrel simply waiting out the perfect time to attack them.
Red-tailed Hawks have a thrilling scream that excites many people.During courting, they put on a spectacular display high up the sky in circles. The male dives downwards then shoot up again. After some swoops, the male and female entangle and spirals towards the ground before pulling away. A guy I know over at movers Atlanta saw one up front and close the other day on the side of the road. Apparently he had swooped down and got a rabbit and got sideswiped by a car and was stunned just sitting there. They called animal rescue and waited on them to get there and meanwhile took a  bunch of photos, cool stuff to see up close!
They hunt as a pair to catch tree squirrels. When perched, the coloration on the wings blends with the back, but when in flight, the pale underside is exposed. The wings have a dark bar at the leading edge and dark tips. Its broad tail is reddish-brown or rust-colored on the top and pink below. The legs and feet are yellow.
The shape and color of the tail and the belly band are the best identification markers to look for in an adult. They tolerate a broad range of habitats. The are found in deserts, grasslands, deciduous and coniferous forests as well as tropical rain forests. Its preferred habitat is mixed forests and fields with cliffs or trees that can be used as perches. The Red-tailed Hawk can be found Continue reading

Southeastern Blue Bird

Wondering about Southeastern Blue Bird and how to set up an attractive birdhouse? The one thing you wouldn’t want is empty bluebird houses. Rarely you find a feeling as rewarding as watching a little bird take his first flight and by installing birdhouses that is possible. Southeastern Blue Birds are easy to recognize by their beautiful coloring. Thrush species, they are commonly found from the eastern to the western part of America. They enjoy various forms of fruits and berries and enjoy the feel of open spaces. Adding some perches to your bluebird houses will increase the chances of attracting bluebirds to your bird homes.

If you’ve seen a blue bird around your area it is definitely time to set up a bluebird house and welcome them to your neighborhood. My roofing guy who is a roofer in Buford sees these birds all the time, and their nesting patterns. The Southeastern Blue Bird will most likely use the houses offered more during springtime. But they nest early so they will usually start looking for places to nest when it is still cold on the weather front.

The Southeastern Blue Bird will tend to fly around looking for empty cavities made previously woodpeckers, as they are a cave dwelling bird species. It is their habit to huddle together in these openings. Due to forests being destroyed Continue reading

The Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is immediately recognizable because of its distinctive white head, and also because, as the official symbol of the United States, it is featured on the U.S. presidential seal.

Bald Eagles are unmistakable and easily identified. This large eagle has broad wings, a brown body, and a white head and tail. Its beak and talons are bright yellow. In fact, the eagle’s plumage is so unadorned that perhaps the Founding Fathers considered its simplicity when designating it as the national symbol, the gaudy wild turkey, may have proved difficult to incorporate into official seals!

The range of the Bald Eagle includes areas near water in much of the United States. These birds have been known to congregate in large numbers where prey is abundant. Bald Eagles’ main prey is fish, but they will also catch waterfowl and scavenge fish or mammals killed by other animals.

Of the ‘sea eagle’ species, the bald eagle is the only one that is native to North America. The bald eagle is immediately obvious by its smooth, white head and white tail, contrasted by the deep brown feathers of its body. My buddy over at plumbing services Roswell loves these birds. Coins, flags, buildings, and seals in the United States have used the image of the bald eagle to symbolize the country.

Because its diet dictates that it live near water, Bald Eagles breed in forested areas close to bodies of water. The eagles’ courtship ritual is complicated and involves hours of paired aerial acrobatics, each bird interlocking talons in mid-air and spiraling toward the ground, only to release at the last moment and gain altitude. Bald Eagles are monogamous, and once breeding is complete, the pair must next embark on yet another energy-intensive project – building a nest.

The nest of the Bald Eagle is truly an architectural accomplishment. A breeding pair will begin wedging Continue reading